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Why Should I Meditate?

Description:Wondering why many people seem to get into meditation so much these days? Learn more on why meditation is the go-to relaxation technique people are inclined to.

You may find it weird that people are willing to stop and spend a few minutes, or even hours, of their time to, practically, do almost nothing. Well, you’ve got it all wrong!

Meditation is not exactly doing nothing. It may seem so. However, it doesn’t! Truly!

Focusing your mind on something—be it a particular thought, object, or activity—doesn’t count as nothing. In fact, meditation can be one of the most difficult things to do, especially for those of you who are busy, busy thinking, or think they are busy. It’s hard to stay still, isn’t it?!

However, what makes many people make time for meditation these days?

Here are some of the common types of meditationand their benefits. Hopefully, they would answer your big question on why people love to meditate.

1. Mindful meditation to increase awareness of the moment

This is the easiest form of meditation as you can do it almost anywhere, even in between activities such as waiting in a queue or when stuck in traffic. It encourages you to exercise awareness of your surroundings. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you feel on your skin? Even what do you think?

“Your goal is not to battle with the mind, but to witness the mind.”– Swami Muktananda

It trains you to be constantly alert and present at the moment. Through being present, you decrease your impulse and negativity, as well as improve relationship quality.

2. Metta meditation to harness love, kindness and compassion

Popularly known as loving-kindness meditation, this type of meditation involves focusing the feelings of love, kindness, and compassion upon a target. For example, towards the world in general or specific people such as your enemies or loved ones. Direct this positivity towards yourself, and it will help you love yourself more.

3. Progressive relaxation to lessen bodily discomfort

Also known as body scan meditation, this type of meditation focuses on releasing tension throughout your body—from head to toe, or from one foot to another. Some sessions involve muscular practices of tension and relaxation; others require visualization of healing energy travelling through your body to enhance comfort.

In addition to feeling calm, peaceful and relaxed, body scan method can be performed to help with persistent body aches or discomforts.

4. Breathing meditation to reduce anxiety

Sometimes referred to as focused attention meditation, this type of meditation encourages you to focus on your breath. The moment your mind wanders elsewhere, return to your breathing!

If you have panic attacks or are anxious about something, simply return to your breathing. It will certainly help reduce the symptoms.

5. Zen meditation

Being part of Buddhism practices, the Zen meditation—also known as Zazen—requires a teacher to provide guidance. This practice involves definitive steps and poses. You will be required to find your most comfortable position, focus on your breathing, and be aware of what goes on in your mind.

Almost similar to mindful meditation, the Zen meditation is sought for, not only its relaxing and calming effect but also for heightened senses and spirituality.

6. Kundalini yoga

A blend between simple, repeated poses and breath synchronization, along with chanting and meditation, kundalini yoga has been proven to enhance physical strength and lessen pain. Practiced usually under the guidance of a teacher, this exercise also helps reduce stress, anxiety, and overall mental health—just like most meditation does!

7. Transcendental meditation

In this type of meditation,you won’t be required to do any kind of poses. You will simply need to sit relaxedly and breathe slowly. A teacher will encourage you to focus on repeating some words, called mantras. The nature of these mantras can be different in every culture, religion, or spiritual path. Some mantras are even simply self-affirmation to boost a certain good quality. Others, however, aim to give heightened senses and spiritual experiences beyond this world.

“To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.”

– Jiddu Krishnamurti

Looking for places that provide qualified meditationclasses? Why don’t you try Widwan Yoga Studio in Lübbenau. Widwan, the teacher—a yogi and a meditation practitioner himself—is certified in the field and has many years of experience helping others improving their physical and mental health through the practices of yogaand meditation. Simply Google yoga in Lübbenauand you’ll find out more about their activities.

“If the mind falls asleep, awaken it. Then if it starts wandering, make it quiet. If you reach the state where there is neither sleep nor movement of mind, stay still in that, the natural (real) state.”– Ramana Maharshi

Widwan Wiradnya

Widwan Yoga Studio Lübbenau / Spreewald

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