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Loves Yourself, Loves Others, Be Beautiful

Beauty is a relative word. Some people will say a woman that looks like Barbie is beautiful, while others may say no. It does not matter as long as a person loves. The love inside a person could show their inner beauty and spread to the surroundings as how a person loves others.

Believe In Love

Love is a gift from the creator of life. So that every person tends to love. A person that loves themself will show an action that could detect by others. How they treat their self, and how they respond to other actions is the appearance of their inner beauty.

Start With Love Yourself

The problem is, how to start to love others? The answer starts with love yourself. Know what you like, what you want, your attitude, your habit, your plans, and your vision is important. Taking care of your health and happiness is important. All of this will make you have inner beauty.

Once a person gains the comfort feeling with him or herself, the person Inner beauty could appear in the behavior and how a person treats others. The person that loves themself will act nicely, with no rush, and more tolerance to others. Every time they got a discomfort situation, they will take a deep breath, look inside themselves, and slow down. You can practice this in your daily life, wherever you are. You can sit on the floor, on a pillow, or your chair. No problem, as long as you feel comfortable.

Having inner beauty is not just give, but it can be treated. Start with know and love yourself, learn how to be comfortable with yourself, learn how to calm down, then you’ll gain the comfort feeling with yourself. Love yourself, then love others by treating them well. That is beautiful.

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