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Let's Do Yoga Practice With Our Children, It Is Fun!

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Doing exercise regularly for some person is rather difficult especially when you have children that always follow your step whenever you go. But, even parents, need to maintain their health by eating healthy, keep their mental state and also do exercise regularly. Parents could eat healthily by cooking at home every day, parents could keep their healthy mental state by going to holiday with the child, but parents barely do regular exercise because their child doesn’t allow them. So, one solution that might help is doing exercise with your children. 

Parents can do various exercises together with the child, like Yoga for example. Yoga is not only sport, but it is also one of the relaxation methods that we can do to release some tension in everyday life. That is why doing Yoga is good for our body and our soul. Ideally, we do Yoga in a quiet place to maximize the relaxation effect, but of course, as parents, we cannot do that. So, just bring your child into your Yoga practice. To make it easy here some tips: 

1. Prepare Your Children In A Good Way

First, you have to tell your child that all of you will do something fun. Dress your child just like they are professional Yogis, it will shine their mood. Then, tell them to copy your every Yoga moves, don’t push them, make them credit every time they manage the Yoga move. 

2. Make Your Child Laugh In Every Yoga Move 

You could use funny language to make your child's copy your move. For example, when you do Dancer pose, you can say:” lift your leg and keep your balance, grace like a Flamingo dear”. Make your child laugh, make them enjoy the Yoga practice. 

Doing yoga practice with your child is not that hard if you do it with a lot of fun. Your children will enjoy the Yoga if you also enjoy the practice.

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