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How To Teach Love To Our Children?

Hey there, im Widwan Wiradnya, I Nyoman Widwan Wiradnya is my full name, yoga lehrer or yoga teacher in Widwan Yoga Studio Lübbenau Spreewald, WidwanDe. Wow that a very long way to introduce myself, lets make it's short, you can call me Widwan and here im back with short article for you. hope you like it.

We live in a cruel world, every day we see and hear about human crime, almost loveless. As a parent, sometimes we wonder what if our children in the future becomes one of them, one of cruel human, what can we do as parents? That is why we need to teach love to our children from now on since they’re young to mold their compassionate personality on their adult age. Here some tips to teach your children about love: 

1. Show Love To Your Children 

Our child will always look for parents as their role model, as their example in everything from language to behavior. So, this is a good opportunity to teach love by examples in everyday life. Just easy examples: give the child a good night kiss, give them a warm and soft touch if they are sad, or make them go to the orphanage and make a donation. 

2. Build Sibling Love 

Parents who have more than one children often overwhelmed with the child’s fight. The child always fights for various reasons and even for an insignificant reason like fighting over food or toys. This kind of thing will always haunted parents in every corner of this world because it’s just a sibling thing. To reduce the fight, parents could teach love to the sibling, teach them how to share, teach them to be each other side for better or worse, teach them that they will be family forever. 

3. Teach The Child About Forgiveness

Every single human being makes mistakes in their life, including our beloved person and the people around us. Therefore, we need to teach our children about forgiveness to others who makes mistakes, since they will make mistakes someday. If your child knows about forgiving others and do it perfectly, others will forgive them for their mistakes, just a good chain reaction. 

So, what do you wait for? Let’s teach love to our children!!

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