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When You Need Mood Booster, Try Yoga

Hey there, im Widwan Wiradnya, I Nyoman Widwan Wiradnya is my full name, yoga lehrer or yoga teacher in Widwan Yoga Studio Lübbenau Spreewald, WidwanDe. Wow that a very long way to introduce myself, lets make it's short, you can call me Widwan and here im back with short article for you. hope you like it.

A job will do properly if the person in a good mood. Modern life makes people always in a rush, trapped in routine, then they lose their purpose in their job and life. How to overcome the situation and gain back the mood? The answer is to get a mood booster. Try yoga. Why? Let’s find out.

Good Mood = Good Job 

Work could be unproductive if do in un-mood condition. Yes, we could look so busy, but it is not productive. The quality of the product could be less than when it did in good condition. The problem is, routine and the pressure of a job could make a worker lose their mood. The worker needs a mood booster. Why don’t try yoga to gain it back?

Yoga As A Mood Booster

Yoga is not only the practice do in a proper place, with a tutor, music, and aromatherapy candles. Yoga could do even when you’re at your office. The simple yoga pose that you can do around your table could refresh your body and your mind. You can leave your task for a minute, look you’re your self, practice your breath, and reach back your mood. Extra time for meditation also works and refreshing.

There are much simple yoga poses you can do: seated tadasana, forward fold, dancer, chair, desk chaturanga, and many others pose can do without leaving your desk. Along with poses, you can practice your body and reach back the feeling of relaxed again. Don’t forget to close with a Namaste. This is a simple mood booster.

Mood booster could be a chain of simple yoga poses. The most important is by doing this, you don’t need to leave your office and your work. Isn’t it fun? So try it every time you feel exhausted. Your body and soul will be very thankful.

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