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Ways to Maintain your Fitness

Hai, back with me Widwan Wiradnya the Yoga teacher from Widwan Yoga Studio Lübbenau, here my article about how to maintain your fitness.. Enjoy!!!

It is not easy to maintain fitness daily among our activities, especially when we have a trip. It is because there are many things happen outside the routines. Perhaps you think that your fitness level is just right and you feel fit. However, sometimes it does not mean you do not have any troubles or your body won't stay healthy that way.

The analogy is the same as the muscle state. It will be weak when it is not trained. So, its fitness level will decline although you feel fit. After all, fitness is something you always need for running your entire life, whatever the ages. What to do for maintaining your fitness anytime and anywhere? To find out the information, read the discussion below!

- Set your Home as a Fitness Centre

Setting your home with the fitness types of equipment will act as a reminder as well. Imagine that you wake up in the morning and see the dumbbells at the corner in the living room.

- Have a Quick Workout

The people do 30-second sprints are better than the people who don't do any exercise. Do not underestimate the 30-second duration. It indeed has the same benefits as the people who exercise in 40 to 60 minutes.

Besides having sprint, you can have jump rope for three minutes or squat jump. All of them are good for the heart. If you live in an urban area, you can have sprint blocks for everyday exercise. Just like you run for the bus.

- Have a 'Deskercise'

You can do this exercise in between your working hours. Download Break Pal, the application for helping you in this affair. The application will monitor you every half hourwith the notification ring on your phone. If it rings, stand up and have a three-minute exercise. Although it is short, it burns your calories than just chatting in your chair.

- Have More Effort to Do Something

In this stage, just put aside the instant way of having something. For example, grabbing some food on your own on foot rather than use the delivery service. Although it is just a simple and small thing to do, you will get the benefit of your fitness. So, don't always depend on the other person, do it yourself.

- Challenge the Outdoors

Whatever the season changes, challenge yourself to go outside and workout. You may want to shovel the driveway for 30 minutes. It will surely burn 182 calories, or you can have 191 ice-skating or 205-sledding.

- Have a Pocket Personal Trainer

Download an online workout in the form of audio and video from some apps. You may use or Download and save it on your iPod or MP3 player. You can use it for leading your training and accompany along with the workout. You can also have the workout and be accompanied by your favorite songs.

- Record your Steps

Again, use the app to record your steps. Use the pedometer app to log your progress and improve your motivation. For example, the first day you have 1000 steps, the next day you can improve it to 2,000 steps.

You can visit to have this activity. The simple pedometer will measure steps, distance, calories burned, or others.

- Walk the Dog

Do you have a dog? Walk him regularly every day because it makes your arms and legs pumping. Research in Canada says that a dog owner spent 300 minutes a week and experience canine-related physical activity unconsciously. No dog? Help your neighbor or become an animal shelter volunteer.

- Set the Fitness Goal

Always set your fitness goal and renew it from time to time depends on the result. This way is a brilliant idea to arrange the steps to reach the goal. The goals might be in the form of friendly competition among the neighborhood or have charity walks to exercise. For practicing this step, you must step a singular goal to keep on the track.

- Use the Fitness Test for Measurement

You can always measure the fitness level through a fitness test tool. Try the Fitness Test software which can measure your fitness level every three minutes. Install the software and plug it into your computer by using the ear clip. Then, attach it to your ear.

You will get a detailed evaluation of your fitness so you will know you are on the right track or not. The evaluation points are comprehensive and honest, so you can improve your fitness anytime and reach the goals you have already set. The example of the fitness tool is Health Reviser.

- Schedule Your Exercise

Just as you mark your calendar to meet a doctor or to have a work meeting, you can also schedule your exercise that way. Put your exercise schedule on yourmobilephone. It is better if you placea schedule sheet in a public area of your home. So, your family can also be involved because it is like a public notification.

- Reward Yourself Periodically

Normally, we will be happy and motivated if we are complimented and get a reward. Therefore, you can improve your motivation by rewarding yourself periodically. So, after measuring your fitness level through the Fitness Test and prove that you have reached the goal, reward yourself with something you want. For example, have a vacation or have a long body treatment and spa.

Keep in mind that the rewards should not harm your health and genuinely rewards your hard work. Stay away from having junk food or a big alcoholic party. Stick to the main goal that you have a high-level fitness for the entire life.

With the rewards, you can monitor how each workout makes the real difference. After rewarding, you can set a small goal again and plan the reward you want.

Those are the ways to maintain your fitness and set the goal for the entire life. The key is to be consistent and honest to yourself. Remember that it is for your goodness.

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