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Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrate

Keeping your skin hydrate does not just drink water or has a moisturizer product for skin. However, there are many ways to keep your skin hydrated. They can be done at home because the ingredients are easy to find and the treatments are also easy to do. The point of keeping your skin hydrated is to keep the skin nutrients in balance. So, ready to have treatments at home?

Use a Humidifier

To keep the moisture in the air, you can use the cold water humidifier. It will make a difference to your skin especially when you live in a tropical country or a dry climate. How to use it? Put it on for an hour before you go to bed, choose the lavender essential oil.

If the climate is too dry, you can set the humidifier for 6 hours straight, from the bedtime until you wake up. Do it for a night and wake up with the moisturized skin. If you don't have a humidifier, you can use these tips:

1. Use a bowl of water in the room and put it close to a source of heat.

2. Make your mixture. Put 5-6 drops of essential oil (the fragrance is up to you) into a bottle of water. Choose a spray bottle, so you can spray around the room. It improves moisture and fragrance.

Avoid Washing Face in the Morning

The skin's sebum naturally slows down the dehydration of your skin. The cleanser containing detergent-like substances will throw away the sebum. If the sebum strips off your skin, the water molecule will also escape easier and the moisture is gone.

Scientifically, the cleansed skin has a temporary alkaline, while the healthy is a bit acidic with PH 5.5. As a result, it proves to dehydration and dryness. Although after washing face you apply the moisturizer, you will get a different impact than the natural oils.

However, if you have a high acne-prone skin and you need to wash your face, do the following tips:

1. Choose a gentle toner to apply on your face. Use cotton and swipe it gently all over your face. You may use the rose water because it soothes the skin very much. It also won't irritate your skin like toners and cleansers because it only reduces any redness, too.

2. Use the soft microfiber cloth for reducing the excess sebum. Soak the cloth in lukewarm water then squeeze it. Pat gently on your face with the cloth.

Avoid Using the Hot Water on the Face

Water coming from outside the body is very drying the skin, especially the hot water. It is different from the inside water of our body. So, when you take a shower with hot or warm water, avoid streaming the hot water directly on your face. As it will cause dryness and micro-tears.

Consume Watery Fruit, Vegetables

Instead of just drinking fresh water, you can also consume the watery fruits and vegetables. They will hydrate your skin better as well as boost your nutrients. The watery fruits and vegetables contain the natural water which fits to hydrate your skin and body.

The best time to eat them is when your stomach is empty. Have them as a snack and don't eat them right after the meals. This treatment is good for water and nutrients absorption as well as smooth digestion.

Examples of the watery fruit and vegetables are watermelon, apple, pear, melon, cucumber, celery, or carrot. Any fruit and vegetables contain water. Just choose as you like.

Consume a Lot of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are very important, but they often fail to notice. It is important for the skin because it can hydrate and counter it from flaking and drying. Omega-3 fatty acids have three main types that can be consumed by our body, they are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), a-Linolenic acid (ALA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Form the three types, EPA and DHA are the most popular. They are found in animal sources such as sardines and salmon. On the other hand, you can find ALA in plant sources such as walnuts, flaxseed or hemp seeds. ALA can be converted to other EFAs in the body.

Since Omega-3 cannot be produced by our body, therefore you have to have a proper diet to get them. Moreover, ALA cannot be converted into other EFAs if you do not have sufficient nutrition. If you cannot have a proper diet from real food, you can take supplements regularly.

Omega-3 nourishes our skin, especially in lipid content. This nutrient is good for removing the dead skin cells and making up your skin barrier. It also maintains the moisture in your skin and gets the irritants out.

Have Healthy Drink beside Fresh Water

Drink fresh water is a must. Have it 8 glasses daily is good, but it is better to have more than that. However, sometimes people forget to maintain it because they are too busy. To get enough water, you have to be disciplined in providing water and healthy drink around you. It is for allowing yourself to have enough water easily.

You can have a bottle with you wherever you go. It may contain fresh water, juice, infused water or herbal teas. Sip the bottle the entire day whatever your activities. It is better than just drinking glasses of water which will only pass through your body.

The herbal teas you can try are as follows:

- Dandelion root tea: helping acnes through the liver detox.

- Spearmint tea: fighting the hormonal acne as an anti-androgen.

- Tulsi tea: containing various beneficial antioxidants for your body.

Use Humectant or Occlusive for Your Skin

A humectant is the molecules in a substance that act as useful sponges on your skin to keep the water. The best natural humectants are hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera, or glycerin. The hyaluronic acid even can keep the water 1000 times better. Therefore, the skincare manufacturer uses it to reduce wrinkles temporarily.

Occlusive is a barrier-like substance that covers the surface of your skin. Opposite to humectant, the substance is preventing the water to evaporate. The examples of occlusive are shea butter, plant oils, mango butter, and so forth.

Those are some ways to hydrate your skin every day. Don't forget to stay away from alcohol, coffee, and processed sugar, too. The point is a healthy body means healthy skin. Apply them every day and you will get the beautiful and dewy skin ever.

With Luv,

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