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The Benefits of Mindfulness

According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, a mindfulness expert, mindfulness has described a state when you pay attention at the present moment to let go of the judgment. In other words, you focus on the present moment because your life now actually depends on it. Since its benefits and easiness, mindfulness has been implemented by people to keep their mental health.

In its development, mindfulness is also beneficial for physical health. The research shows it can boost the immune system, so that people can fight any disease, such as flu or cancer. As a result, people nowadays tend to choose mindfulness therapy for their life. Still, many benefits of mindfulness out there. Check the following which is based on the research.

- Prevent Depression

Mindfulness prevents depression, especially in a chronic case. The meditation will help to refine the understanding of the neural mechanisms of mindfulness. Some researchers have explored that more people use mindfulness for preventing depression because it does work.

- Manipulate Your Temper

If you start with a day with a high temper, the whole day will be disturbed and lead to defensiveness all the time. The anger causes behaviors and decisions which we cannot take back anymore. Anger can matter especially in husband and wife relationships.

One research shows that in this case, mindfulness helps to manipulate temper, reduce the aggressive response to the provocations, and lessen conflict levels in marriage.

- Minimize Worry and Anxiety

In general, mindfulness benefits mental health disorder including worry and anxiety. One researcher at Harvard Medical School has discovered the specific benefits of mindfulness for minimizing the worry and anxiety.

Those mental illnesses are caused by the overthinking of somethings. Therefore, the way out is to make those things better with positive thinking. If people apply mindfulness for minimizing worry and anxiety, it will help the emotions and thoughts without any negative reaction. It is really good for people who suffer chronic worry and anxiety.

- Control of High Blood Pressure

The biggest factor causes cardiovascular and stroke disease is high blood pressure. Those two diseases affect death in most countries. Consequently, people begin to consume various effective medications to manage their high blood pressure.

They sometimes do not realize that lifestyle factors hold a bigger role in improving blood pressure. Medication only plays a less role here. Therefore, people should change their lifestyles in the first place. One of them is having mindfulness meditation.

The studies already state that regular meditation will lower the blood pressure scores and helps the other beneficial effects on their life.

- Have a Better Leadership

Due to the vast advertising about mindfulness, the people then have quick thinking that it is a major cure to anything, including the business and corporate adversity. Even some research anecdote says that mindfulness helps in leadership development in a business context. Is it true?

Leadership has three potential quality which should be possessed by the leader. They are allowing, metacognition, and curiosity.

- Allowing means the ability to receive reality and dream in balance.

- Metacognition is the ability for monitoring and observing your thoughts and feelings. - Curiosity is having a high interest in responding to the situation and the people around us.

Based on the research data above, mindfulness helps a leader to get the three potential skills in managing a business or community.

- Have a Deep Spiritual Life

The source of meditation is Buddhism. However, It is largely applied by Western people. It is because meditation is considered to be attending training than any spiritual and religious nature.

The preliminary study shows that people with non-spiritual meditation may have more benefits than the others who do that for deepening their spiritual lives. The result also showed that due to the meditation, the people will have spiritual growth as well as the skill in handling anxiety and emotion.

- Losing Weight

We sometimes never realize that eating too much will lead to a sort of mindfulness news. It is because we eat more than what we have set or want to. Eating belongs to routine activity, so it will be simple to do it with an automatic approach. However, this makes it difficult to keep our intentions for weight loss and health in our minds.

The researchers recently show that the basis of mindfulness applied to obese people resulted in a lower rate of an eating problem. They had better thinking of themselves as well as their eating behaviors.

- Have a Better Focus or Concentration

Nowadays, it is hard to get focused on the world of many distractions. It is not only dealing with the work but also studies and relationships. We can train ourselves to get focused for a longer period, but it has to be more disciplined in doing it.

Besides making us focus on a longer period, the training helps to set and keep the priorities from the most important and fight for procrastination. One of the focus training is mindfulness. It is indeed the best solution to practice our attentional muscle and strengthen it.

If you do meditation, the attentional abilities will be improved. The studies show that the people who are successful in meditation have higher scores in various tests and another cognitive flexibility.

- Get a Good Sleeping Pattern

Mental and physical health influences the sleeping pattern. Both the overload jobs or the stomachache can lead to less sleeping in a day. It is because due to some reasons your mind does not want to rest and fall asleep.

Although you have tried to lie on the bed and sleep, your mind cannot stop bombard you with all of the concerns and worries. You will be hard to fall asleep and have an irregular sleeping pattern. The sleep expert states that this happens because your physic is exhausted but the mind is overactive. Therefore, the body's natural desire to sleep has suppressed.

Mindfulness helps to improve the overall sleep quality at night and daytime. The studies show that mindfulness works in helping older adults especially the ones who have an overactive mind.

- Reduce a Daily Stress

Everybody experiences daily stress regardless of their job or status. Form a CEO to a jobless person, they have their daily stress, especially in this century, when a load of works getting intense, the stress is more concerned.

Overall the stress burden is caused by the general daily stressors which are very various. Even the kids have 14 different activities every week. People are busy and their activity is full, so they live in a hectic atmosphere.

Fortunately, based on the research, the mindfulness sent the stress people to be calmer in stressful situations. It cannot solve the stressor problem, but they help in the way they manage the stressors much better and more effectively.

Many benefits arise on mindfulness. Just get the right time and decision to have it in your life. it is always good for your mental and physical health.

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