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Short Meditation To Deal With Parenting Stress

by widwan wiradnya from Widwan Yoga Studio

Parents and stress are the two closest friends. If you want to be parents, you have to know how to handle the stress especially stress about children parenting. The child will always be the child and parents will always take the blame when the child turning into a bad person. That is why parenting stress is such a big deal and need some intervention to keep parents insanity. Short meditation could be one of the thousand alternatives to release parenting stress because it’s short and it’s meditation. 

Meditation is widely known as an effective relaxation method that is often used to release stress, any kind of stress including parenting stress. To manage effective meditation, ideally, we need a quiet place and about one or two hours of our own. As parents, it is almost impossible to get both of that, so parents will need a few modifications to make this meditation still work to release some stress. 

First, parents usually do not have a private and quiet place, to manage that just find some small space like a clean bathroom, bedroom corner or maybe small space between the furniture and who knows it can be a cozy place right? After the place, its time to find the best meditation methods that suit in your favor, like calming music, breathing slowly or beautiful images that make you peaceful. Then find the perfect time to do a short meditation, short as only half an hour.

For about 15 minutes, try to concentrate your mind, take a deep breath and focus the mind into only one thing like the music sound or the sound of your breath. Next 15 minutes, keep the breath slowly, calm the mind and get rid of the stress away from your life, for that day at least. Half an hour is enough to make your mind fresh again and ready to deal with your children again.

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