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Preparing for Childbirth with Yoga

Description: Wondering if you would be able to manage the pain of unmedicated childbirth? Read more to learn how yoga may help reduce your labor distress and ease delivery.

If you are currently pregnant with your first child, you could be reading a lot of references on easy pregnancy and childbirth. Or, talk to other women for their experiences.

You may try meditation or hypnosis. Also, you may go for a more vigorous exercise such as belly-dancing (not recommended in your first trimester!). Despite all, yogais still the best technique, even medical professionals would recommend today.

Why Yoga?

According to women who have experienced preparing for childbirth with yoga, these are how yogawill help you through labor:

  • Calm and relax your mind and body, relieving the stress due to discomfort during labor;

  • Heighten your awareness of the changes in your body, allowing you to make a necessary adjustment—in breathing and poses—safely to improve your comfort;

  • Stretch your hips, pelvis and perineum to ease both pregnancy and normal labor,

  • Strengthen your core, back and legs to support your growing belly, and also your transverse abdominal muscle to provide more pushing power during active labor;

  • Encourage your baby to get into the right position to ease labor; and

  • Improve your readiness for childbirth towards constructive community support.

For more information on prenatal yoga clasess in Lübbenau, Google Widwan yoga Studio in Lübbenau or visit Widwan Yoga Studio. Widwan Wiradnya is a certified yoga instructors, he will ensure that the prenatal training given to you will suit your specific conditions.

Enrolling Into Prenatal Yoga Classes

If you have never been a yogapractitioner before, doing prenatal yogain your first trimester is highly not recommended, as certain poses may lead to the risk of having a miscarriage.

Nevertheless, if you are an experienced yogi, you will need to play by your feeling of comfort to determine which poses are safe, and which are not.

Therefore, the best and safest time to enroll in prenatal yoga classes is once you’ve entered into your second trimester. Even, it’s okay to enroll in your last trimester. You’ll still have some time to get used to all the techniques. However, starting early is great! You can never have too many practices as long as you follow your class’ programs closely.

Looking for yoga in Lübbenau? Check out and ask more from Widwan Yoga Studio about their prenatal class schedule. Since the number of participants in each class is limited, so make your appointment now

Recommended Yoga Poses to Prepare for Childbirth

Here are some of the yogaexercises recommended for you when preparing for labor. For your information, all these poses come with particular breathing exercises, allowing you to achieve optimum outcomes.

1. Kegel exercise

Kegel exercise involves contracting and holding your pelvic floor muscle for some time and repeating the cycle a few times. However, what is pelvic floor muscle?

Well, pelvic floor muscle is the muscle you use to start or stop urinating intentionally. Training this muscle helps you prevent haemorrhoids and leaking of urine.

2. Squat exercise

This exercise aims to strengthen your waist and thigh muscles to withstand squatting during labor. When you squat, gravity pulls the baby downwards and gives pressure to your cervix, thus encouraging faster dilation.

3. Butterfly pose

Sit cross-legged on the floor, then pull both your legs towards each side until the soles of your feet meet at the center. Make sure your back is straight, and your knees are both pressed to the floor. This is how butterfly pose, or also called tailor pose, is done.

The pose aims to train your thigh and back and reduce back pain you may encounter during pregnancy.

4. Rocking cat exercise

Rocking cat exercise encourages your baby to get into the right position and takes the pressure away from your back. With palms and knees supporting you, achieve a steady posture with your back positioned horizontally straight and your belly facing the mattress. Now, rock your hips towards your heels, but no need to touch them.

Done repeatedly, this rocking movement helps your baby to find its way towards its birthing path.

5. Side laying pose

Laying on your side is useful when you are taking a break in between contractions. While doing this, lift your free leg up on your knee, forming a right angle. This helps speed up dilation too.

There are several other poses you will learn in your prenatal class to help you prepare for your childbirth. During the sessions, you may also learn poses to avoid to keep your pregnancy safe. Do take note!

Now, are you ready to sign up for prenatal yoga classes?

Google Widwan Yoga Studiofor yoga in Lübbenau Spreewald to find Widwan Yoga Studio, providing prenatal yoga classes for both beginners and practitioners. Sign up early to guarantee your slot!

Widwan Wiradnya

Widwan Yoga Studio Lübbenau / Spreewald

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