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Mother As Role Model

When a woman having a baby, she becomes a mother and the child’s first caretaker at the home. In their everyday life, mothers take care of all of the child’s needs from eating, sleep, or even play. On the other hand, because the child always sees their mother, the will always look up to their mother. The child sees their mother as a role model in their life, they will copy most of the mother’s behavior, language, or even the mother’s gesture. Therefore, the mother should become such a good role model for the children.

So, the mother should prepare themself to becomes children role model, here some tips: 

1. Just Be Yourself, But In A Better Version 

Nobody is perfect, so as a mother, you don’t need to be perfect. To give a good role model for the children, you just need to be yourself with your personality but in the better version. It means that the mother should willing to learn how to be a better person in everyday life, in her entire life. Long-life education as a mother as your weapon to be a better version of you. 

2. Always Talk And Share With Your Husband 

Mother is not alone, they have a husband as their partner. Mother is not alone when it comes to the child’s care, the father also has a huge influence on children. So, Mom, you should talk to your husband about anything, make some agreement about your child’s care, they should be cohesive about the way they educate the children in their home. Mother is not alone, so if the mother faces some difficulty because of their children's behavior, just talk to the father, talk to him and find the solutions, so you will not bear the burden by yourselves. 

Preparing the mother as a role model is necessary for the child’s bright future. Prepare yourselves, Mom, the battlefield awaits.

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