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I am You, You are God, I am God

Aktualisiert: 7. Apr. 2020

For the sake of human satisfaction, we divine God by name and form, but in fact He is not tangible at all. However, He takes a form so that you can worship, admire and love Him and thus will fulfill your spiritual needs. For your own satisfaction you named and formed Him and use this to worship Him.  In which form of God you choose and follow, worship in a loving heart will connects you with Him.

Wherever you see, everything has taken their features. God is everywhere, but without names and forms you cannot understand what is undifined and untangible. God is everywhere, but before you can reach that awareness, you have to develop your love and devotion to God who wears form. 

Therefore, at first you have to worship God with a name and form. Then gradually increase to a higher level. You divert your thoughts and feelings from the outer world and worship the intangible until you finally realize your own reality. That is called true self awareness.

He is in you, around you, below you, above you, and beside you. God is everywhere fulfilling everything. Indeed, he is you and you are God. To realize or appreciate this, headed your mind to your inner thought. 

Fill yourself with love, and devote into love itself. This is a way to achieve self-awareness. You must be introspective and seek your silence by realizing that you are not this, you are not that, you are not a mind, you are not a body, and even you are not an inner thought. Then who are you? I am You, You are God, I am God.

—Everything in this world comes from God.

If all this came from Him, what might you offer Him?

The only thing you can offer to Him is your love—

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