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How Yoga Improve Relationship

More and more people are practicing yoga nowadays. It is not only calming and increasing flexibility. Far beyond, yoga can help improve relationships with our beloved spouse.

Most people know that yoga is usually done individually. Doing yoga is a chance to focus on ourselves in the present moment. However, studies have found that practicing yoga with a partner has its own benefit.

How Can Yoga Improve Relationship

1. Make us feel more relaxed

Work, traffic, tight schedule, personal dramas are all frustrating. At the end of the day, we want to burst out all the negative energy. We tend to throw it to the closest person to us: our partner, our spouse.

As all we know, yoga teaches us to relax and gives us peace of mind. When we manage to calm down, we can get through daily frustration without hurting someone we love.

Moreover, performing yogas for couples gives more benefits. A study in Psychological Science found that a married couple who holds hands intimately felt immediate relief from stress. It is impressive how much touching the loved one can reduce anxiety.

2. Teach us patience

Besides making us relax, yoga also teaches us how to be patient. Sitting down quietly while doing meditation is not easy, neither learning yoga poses. Even yogis need to modify poses until they are ready and strong enough to do the full version perfectly.

Practicing couple-yoga with our loved one is also challenging. Not only it needs us to be patient in learning new poses, but it also requires us to understand our spouse, who is also learning. Improving relationshipneeds care, patience, and understanding.

3. Improve intimacy and sex life

People who are more active physically are usually healthier, happier, and even have a much better sex life. Practicing yoga is one way to keep our physic active. It increases blood circulation and flow, which affects our sex life. Moreover, yoga also helps us to strengthen our pelvic floor strength and muscles of the core, which then increases sensation.

It is said in a study from Loyola University Health System that couple yoga can help couples or people with sexual dysfunction. It is because, in yoga, we are supposed to synch our breath, postures, and movements. Besides, practicing yoga with a partner or spouse gives a chance to communicate more through touchings and movements. These things lead to increase bonding and intimacy. Thus, it will then improve relationship.

Try This Simple Yoga Pose to Help Improve Relationship

We can try this simple pose for the first couple-yoga practice: back-to-back breathing. This pose helps us increase mindfulness, relax, and connect with our partner or spouse.

1. Sit comfortably in a cross-legged position with your partner, with backs resting against each other.

2. Sit up straight. Make sure your shoulders are straight and away from your ears. Relax your arms, and begin to alternate breathing.

3. Deeply exhale whenever your partner deeply inhales.

4. Do it repeatedly for ten breaths, and repeat three times.

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