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How To Be A Cool Mom?

Being a mother is a wonderful thing but also very challenging. In everyday life, a mother should handle their child's needs and various home chores. This situation could lead to the stress experienced by the mother and prolonged stress could lead to depression. A mother who has high stress or even depression sometimes has unpredictable behavior like excessive anger to children or husband, violent behavior to children or maybe excessive sadness and lack of interest in many things in life. To avoid this event occur, the mother needs some tips about how to be a cool mom and still feel a lot of happiness in their life.

Here 2 tips that a mother can do in their everyday life: 

1. Just Take A Deep Breath 

It is okay if the mother feels tired or angry when the child has uncontrollable behavior. It's natural for children to do bad things sometimes because it becomes their development process. So, just take a deep breath, Mom! Come on, this world doesn’t care whether you yell to your child for 100 times or spank their butt every time they make some mistakes, but your children will always remember their grumpy mom. So, once again, take a deep breath and use your steady voice to warn your children about their inappropriate behavior. 

2. Do Your Hobby In Your Little Spare Time 

Everybody has a hobby, at least one hobby in their lifetime, but often they can’t do their hobby because they don’t have enough time. How about Mother? Mother is a busies person in the world, they barely have spare time in their everyday life. If you ask them about their hobby, their instant reply is: “What is Hobby?, I don’t have time even to think about hobby”. Okay Mom, from now on, do whatever your hobbies are because doing a hobby could relieve your stress even just a little. Do your hobby in your little spare time to maintain your insanity and feel constant happiness in your life. 

Hopefully, those two tips might helps every mother to be a cool mom for their family. But if you, mom, feel so exhausted and could not handle the stress, you can reach your psychologist or psychiatrist to make a consultation appointment and don’t let the devil win!

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